Loyola Jesuit College is part of the worldwide family of schools run by the Society of Jesus. With them, it shares a common vision and philosophy derived from the writings of the founder of the Jesuits, St. Ignatius of Loyola. more

Important Notices

C.A Grades: 10 days after the CA test.
Medical & Disciplinary Reports: Every Fortnight
Deposit Account Statement: Every Month.

Every student currently enrolled in LJC has a unique Student ID of the form Surnamexxxx, where xxxx is the corresponding admission number.

Parents are enjoined to update their contact information on our online database. more

Up Coming Events

Virtual Tour of LJC Campus

  April 6 JS-3 Resume (Extension Classes)



April 13 JS-1, JS-2, SS-1 and SS-2 Resume
April 22-27 Mock JSCE
May 1 Workers’ Day
May 8-10 First Continuous Assessment
May 19 A & C Classes Visiting Day
May 26 B & D Classes Visiting Day
May 27 Children’s Day
June 1 JSS-3 Leave for Vacation
June 5-7 Second Continuous Assessment
June 12 Cultural Day
June 15 Career and University Presentations (II)
June 16
A & C Classes Visiting Day
June 23 B & D Classes Visiting Day
July 8-13 End of Term Examinations
July 14
July 13-19 End of Term Activities
July 18 Career and University Presentations (III)
July 20 Third Term Ends: Students leave
July 20—August 1 SS-1 Leadership Program
July 22-August 9
Service Program for SS-2 Students

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